Farewell Mr. K

We will bid a fond farewell to our beloved 5th grade teacher, Jon Kohlmeier, at the end of the school year. Jon requested a peaceful release from his call at Christ Lincoln Schools and is looking forward to new adventures in his life.  

Mr. K has been teaching at Christ Lincoln Schools in 5th grade for 11 years and has touched the lives of countless students. Students have loved his yearly themed classrooms, great educational projects, the annual outdoor education experience at Camp Luther, their learning in Chess Club, and his daily humor, stories, and wisdom.  

Current student, Jonathan, says “He pays attention to every student. I love the jokes he makes in class”.

Former student, Grace, says “Mr. K was super funny. I loved the games he taught us, like Settlers of Catan, and I was especially fond of the days when he brought us donuts”.